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Wiise Consulting & Media

Who are Wii?

Wiise Consulting & Media

Wiise Consulting & Media is a consulting agency based in Oslo and Norway. We work with business development and digital strategy which also includes creative designs for web and print usage. Our management team and designers are from Norway and Denmark while we also do use outscourcing abroad.

Our team

Our company is a result of a few people working together over several years and in different projects. Within the years we have established a good team with creative designers and developers who can solve the most complex tasks and create a design Spot On.

Your digital strategy is important

We live in a digitalized world where different digital solutions appears and helps you and your customers to become effective and save time and money.

How we help you

Through close communication and good dialogue with you we help your business to improve and have a good starting phase. We use our different competences to help you with advice and creative solutions.


We are a creative agency with a passion for design and development of creative solutions.

  1. Business planning
  2. Design & framework (prototyping)
  3. Development
  4. User testing
  5. Publishing

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Why choose us

Our team has a great mix of competences to solve the customers requests and demands. We provide services and advices at strategic and management plan with an economical aspect of the case. Our digital strategy and consulting services gives you the opportunity to use us as a partner for investments and recruitment.

Digital strategy

Your opinion is important to us

To develop and create the best solution for our customers its important to us that we listen to your opinion and solve the complexity of the job before we start developing it.

Close dialoque and communication

Its not only about getting the job and deliver a good and accomplished solution. We rate frequently communication as an important part of a successfull customer relationship.

Being your digital partner

We want to become your partner when you need help for digital competences and services. In the process we help your business with ideas and inspiration for new projects and management.

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We are always interested in exciting people and projects.

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